June 13, 2024

The Adoption Option

Adoption is a loving parenting option that gives you the unique opportunity to provide a quality of life for your child that you may not be able to offer him/her at this time. It is a loving and courageous plan because you are able to put your child’s needs before your own, knowing that he/she deserves something more than you can provide at this point in your life.

Though adoption is a positive decision for you and your child, the decision does not come without difficulties and challenges. Making a plan for your child to become a permanent part of someone else’s family is not an easy choice. Grief and loss are natural emotions you will feel as you think about choosing a family to nurture and care for your child. However, this pain is someday replaced by strength. When a mother makes the unselfish decision to give her child a lifetime of special opportunities through adoption, she is rewarded with peace of mind by knowing that she did the very best thing for her child.

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