December 2, 2023

Adoption Solutions for Birth Mothers

If you are reading this page then you are likely experiencing a range of emotions you’ve never experienced before.  We try to understand your perspective and put all our experience to good use to help you become as comfortable as possible, and as informed as possible about Arkansas adoptions.  However, we never pretend to fully understand what you are going through and we fully realize every situation is different.  Every adoption is different, and our Arkansas adoption attorneys are people who always remember and respect that of you.

You have options.

There is a lot on your mind.  You are feeling pressure from different people, and the more people you’ve told about your pregnancy the more different types of advice you are getting.

We are here to facilitate the adoption process.  We hope you ultimately choose to either keep your child or place for adoption, but are aware that will not be every mother’s decision.  You can find different links to informative sites and different sections on our site discussing various other options.

You are not alone!

Our network of adoption tools and Arkansas adoption attorneys can place you in contact with lots of people, people who care about you.  Professional medical care, screenings, professional counseling, spiritual counseling, and legal advice may all be provided to you.

Why Adoption?

You must make a decision, a choice.  We want to provide you information and answers so you can make that decision sooner and be more certain of your choice.  Placing your child for adoption is a great choice for many reasons.

  1. Give life a chance.  A majority of the time birthmothers place their child for adoption because they feel they can not provide an appropriate life for the child.  The reasons are many: (a) I’m too young, (b) I’m not prepared, (c) this pregnancy was not planned, (d) I can’t afford to care for this child, (e) I physically can not care for this child, and (f) I just know it would be better for me – just to name a few.  You may share many of these reasons.  The important thing to remember is that giving the child a chance at life is a proud and brave decision on your part.
  2. Give others a family.  Most adoptive parents are not able to have children naturally on their own.  Because we believe every person is unique and special, you are truly giving someone a gift that no other person in the world can provide.  You make a forever family for someone else by taking this difficult decision and turning into something truly special.  You create a mother and father, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, and a lot of times even siblings that may never have been.  It is truly a special decision for all those reasons.
  3. Hope for a lifetime.  You most likely will have thoughts, all kinds of thoughts, for the rest of your life about this decision.  If you choose not to keep your child, the only other decision that allows for a life of hopeful and happy imagination is the choice of adoption. The regret of ending a life does not dwell with you.
  4. It is a simple process.  While your part, the decision, is not so easy, the rest of this process is very simple for you.  It is generally free for you, financially.  The adopting family covers all the necessary expenses.  You do not have to appear in court.  All records are sealed and extremely private according to State law.