May 30, 2024

Adoptive Parents

You have a dream of adding a child to your family.  You are seeking to answer the call, the call to help a child in need.  Whatever the reasons, we understand and want to help.  Every situation is unique.  Your case is special, no matter how similar to another adopting parent’s case.  Shane Henry & Associates is an Arkansas adoption law firm providing adoption services through our adoption attorneys, outreach projects, and networking.

There are many women across the globe with a need and desire to find a happy and healthy environment to place their biological child.  Then there are parents everywhere with a need and desire to find, love, and nurture a child.  Our mission is to bring these pieces to the same table so that the puzzle may be solved for many.  It is devestating to know that so many people want to help accomplish an adoption, whether placing the child or adopting, but are discouraged and derailed through false information, bureaucracy, and a lack of constructive tools.

We are striving to be a monumental force, a one stop shop for information and services to both adoptive families and placing parents (birthmothers and birthfathers).

Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more, receiving a consultation, or applying to become a part of our list of hopeful parents.  An adoption in Arkansas may include either a birth family from Arkansas, an adoptive Arkansas family, or both.