June 13, 2024

Arkansas Adoption: Advantages for Birth Mothers


An unplanned pregnancy may cut short a woman’s education, career and other goals, and you worry that raising a baby will do the same. To make things more complicated, you may not have the finances or a partner to help raise the child. Some women can’t imagine getting an abortion but also know they aren’t ready to be a parent yet.

There are many advantages of adoption for birth mothers. Adoption benefits birth mothers because it grants her a second chance at receiving an education, fulfilling other goals or raising other children, while ensuring her that her child will be raised in a home with a loving family who dream of being parents. For many birth mothers, knowing that their child is safe and happy is the biggest benefit of all.

A 1998 study reported that unwed mothers who chose adoption had more success later in life than women who chose to be single parents. Women who chose adoption:

  • Had higher educational aspirations.
  • Were more likely to finish school.
  • Were less likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance.
  • Were more likely to marry and less likely to divorce.
  • Were more likely to delay marriage and other children.
  • Were more likely to be employed a year after the baby was born.
  • Were less likely to be pregnant again out-of-wedlock.



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