June 13, 2024

Adoption in Arkansas: Closed vs Open

Once you decide on adoption, the type of adoption is one decision you will have to consider. The choice is all about your comfort and what you want. At Shane Henry & Associates, we are able to talk you through your options and help you make an informed decision.


Closed Adoptions

In a closed adoption , all identifying information remains confidential. For many generations, it was common to keep adoptions closed. But today,  adoptions commonly involve some contact between the birth parents and the adoptive family before and/or after the birth of the child.

Open Adoptions

Typically, the birth parents and the adoptive family speak prior to and even after the child is born. This could include phone calls and face-to-face visits.

Some adoptions of this nature are very open, with the adoptive family and birth parents exchanging contact information and agreeing to periodic visits as the child grows. It is also common in open adoptions for the adoptive family to mail pictures and letters to the birth parents.

Semi-Open Adoptions

Semi-open adoptions fall somewhere in between open and closed. The adoptive family and birth parents usually will know basic information about each other, such as first names or state of residence. Complete contact information is not shared.

Once the child has been placed with the adoptive family, the birth parents may still stay in contact with the family via letters and pictures. However, this correspondence is handled by a third party.

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