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Just Another Arkansas Adoption?

Just Another Arkansas Adoption?

November 14, 2011  By Shane A. Henry

Today is just another typical day in the courts of Arkansas. However, it is a very special day for at least one family in particular who will become a forever family today upon the successful completion of their adoption hearing.

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I am single, can I still adopt in Arkansas?

This a very good question, and unfortunately a question we get too often.  It is unfortunate because it has long been possible for a single adult to adopt another person.  It is good public policy.  Somehow the misconception has been planted out in the world that says you must be married.  This is not the case at all.  In fact, one of the fastest growing segments of the adopting world are single grandparents adopting their grandchildren.

Amendment One was recently found unconstitutional by the Arkansas Supreme Court.  That law did require an adopting couple to be legally married.  However, it at no point jeopardized the ability of a single person to adopt.

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Shane A. Henry

The HomeStudy – who must have one?

Many couples looking to adopt quickly realize there are several different expense categories, and they also learn that a homestudy may be necessary in order to legally complete the adoption pursuant to Arkansas adoption law.

If you are related within 2 degrees of blood then the court can waive the homestudy requirement.  Parents, sibling, and children are all within 1 level or degree of blood under Arkansas adoption law.  The next level includes grandparents, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews.   If you person you are seeking to adopt is not within any of those categories in relation to you, then you must have a homestudy.

Homestudies are expensive.  The typical range is $1,000.00 – $2,000.00.  However, if the cost of the homestudy is detrimental to your ability to pursue an adoption, or if you need flexible payment options, our Arkansas adoption network gives us access to many qualified licensed social workers who are pleased to accommodate you in that area.

The homestudy will include background and child maltreatment checks on the petitioners (those persons seeking to adopt), at least 1 visit to your home, and a general analysis of who you are individually that includes social habits, childhood, work, and relationship details.  The homestudy is a very confidential document and it will be sealed up with the rest of the adoption case.  Most likely, your attorney and the Judge on the case are the only people in the world who will actually see the report.

Shane A. Henry