May 30, 2024

Welcome Page

If you are pregnant, confused, and considering options we want to help.  It is our hope that this web-site will provide open and honest answers to your questions.  For you, learning and considering your options privately and confidentially are very important.  Because our experience gives us some sense of all that you may be struggling with, we do hope you will feel comfortable to call us simply to talk about your situation, or for more information.

All communication with you is free and confidential.  Please do not feel that talking with us obligates you in any way  to make any particular decision.

Our mission is to help you make the best decision possible.  Our purpose is not to talk you into pursuing any particular plan of action.  We strive to educate you by answering your questions and providing information about questions you did not even realize you had.  Putting the knowledge in your hands puts the power in your hands.  We want you to choose what is right for you and your baby.  You are encouraged to spend time on our site and to call or email with any questions. 

Our bottom line: we want what is best for the babies!  If that is helping you to confirm your decision to be a parent to the child, then we believe that will cause you to be a better parent than you would have otherwise.  If it is helping make a forever family for someone else, then we want you to feel as confident about your decision as possible.

While we are located in Arkansas, our Arkansas adoption services extend beyond the borders of this State.  Adoptions cross state lines all the time, so do not hesitate to contact us purely because of geographical boundaries.  Please let our Arkansas adoption attorney help you today!