November 18, 2018

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Can a Minor Mother Consent to Adoption in Arkansas?


Yes, a mother less than 18 years of age can consent to an adoption without the concurrence of her parents or guardian. If the mother is a minor, the writing shall be signed by a court-ordered guardian ad litem, who has been appointed by a judge of a court of record in this state to appear on behalf of the minor parent for the purpose of executing consent. The signing shall be made in the


presence of an authorized representative of the Arkansas licensed placement agency taking custody of the baby, or in the presence of a notary public, or in the presence and with the approval of a judge of a court of record of this state or any other state in which the baby was present at the time it was signed.

AR Code 9-9-208

Arkansas Adoption: What if I Can’t Afford to See a Doctor While I am Pregnant?

arkansas.pregnancy.adoption.attorneyAssistance is available. Through different levels of support, your pregnancy will not cost you anything financially. The government has an interest in making certain you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Additionally, the law allows the adopting parents to pay any necessary medical expenses. We want to make sure you know your options, and protecting the health of the baby will also help protect your health.  Please let us help with any questions you have.