November 18, 2018

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Another successful Arkansas StepParent Adoption!

Congratulations to another Arkansas family!  Today we finalized another stepparent adoption.  Today another man freely and willingly stepped forward to take the reigns of responsibility and the blessings of love for the sake of a child not biologically his – a step he certainly did not have to take.  You might say a special prayer for this family and all the other families out there blessed by the willingness of people to parent when they did not have to parent a child.

Adoptive Parents Are Waiting!

SH&A wants to reach out to everyone to ask you all to keep us in mind for prospective adoption cases.  We currently have several great couples, loving, happy, and anxious couples, hoping to find a child they can make a forever family with.

Remember we will talk with anyone considering placing a child for adoption at no cost and with the highest confidentiality.  Our goal is to assist birthparents by providing as much information and resources available as we are able so that birthparents can make the most informed and confident decision possible.

Please remember us and our hopeful families!



Shane A. Henry