November 18, 2018

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The Adoption Option

Adoption is a loving parenting option that gives you the unique opportunity to provide a quality of life for your child that you may not be able to offer him/her at this time. It is a loving and courageous plan because you are able to put your child’s needs before your own, knowing that he/she deserves something more than you can provide at this point in your life.

Though adoption is a positive decision for you and your child, the decision does not come without difficulties and challenges. Making a plan for your child to become a permanent part of someone else’s family is not an easy choice. Grief and loss are natural emotions you will feel as you think about choosing a family to nurture and care for your child. However, this pain is someday replaced by strength. When a mother makes the unselfish decision to give her child a lifetime of special opportunities through adoption, she is rewarded with peace of mind by knowing that she did the very best thing for her child.

What expenses can the adoptive parents pay to or on behalf of the birth mother and child?

Under no circumstances may a parent or guardian of the baby receive a fee,
compensation, or any other thing of value as a consideration for the
relinquishment of the baby for adoption. However, incidental costs for
prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care may be assessed, including reasonable
housing costs, food, clothing, general maintenance, and medical expenses, if
they are reimbursements for expenses incurred or fees for services rendered.
Any parent or guardian who unlawfully accepts compensation or any other
thing of value as a consideration of the relinquishment of the baby shall be
guilty of a Class C felony.

Another successful Arkansas step parent adoption!

Another Arkansas family finalized their step parent adoption this week and the entire process took them just one week!